Toilet Paper


4.5" X 4.5"
Standard 830 Dispenser

PAP550 Optima Toilet Tissue 96rl 500 sh/rl
PAP598  Double Nature TP 80rl 500 sh/rl
PAP6150 2-Ply 96rl 500 sh/rl

3.75" X 4"

PAP580  Toilet Tissue Optima 48rl 840 sh/rl

Jumbo Roll
Jumbo Roll Dispenser

PAPJUMBOJR  Jumbo Jr. 9" Toilet Paper 12rl
PAPJUMBOSR Jumbo Sr. 12" Toilet Paper 6 rl

Fixture Fold

PAP01010 Centerpull Kimberely Clark 1ply 

Facial Tissue

PAP6500  30 bx 100 sh/bx
PAP21606  Kleenex® 48 bx 125 sh/bx

Other Paper Products 

PAP2100 Seat Covers 20pk 250/pk

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