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June 12, 2020
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June 29, 2020

Delta Safe waterless Hand Cleaner With Pump Dispenser

Delta Safe water free Hand Cleaner has 70% Ethyl Alcohol by volume and contains Aloe Vera to help prevent drying out of your skin.  It is also a Gel and contains a mild citrus aroma doesn’t overwhelm the senses with any medicine smell.  Great for killing germs on your hands. No water necessary.  Includes a 1/2 oz per pump stroke pump to make distribution easy. simply take off the cap and insert the pump.  1 Gallon size  4 gallons per case  Sold individually or by the case  Also available in a non pump version, in case you don’t need the pump. MADE IN USA.

Safety Data Sheet:



Ingredients: water, Ethyl Alcohol, glycerin, polyacrylic acid polymer, citrus fragrance, and aloe vera