Rubbermaid Trash Can Caddy Apron
Rubbermaid Trash Can Caddy Apron
December 22, 2015
Low Density Can Liners
Low Density Can Liners
December 22, 2015

High Density Can Liners

Hi Density Trash Bags


Item # LINHD24 

Size: 24X24  Mil: 6  Count: 1000/case  Gallon: 7-10


Item# LINHD33  

Size: 24×33    Mil:8  Count: 1000/case  Gallon: 12-16


Item# LINHD3710

Size: 30×37   Mil: 10  Count: 500/case  Gallon: 20-30


Item# LINHD40

Size: 33×40   Mil: 13  Count: 500/case  Gallon: 31-33


Item# LINHD48 

Size: 40×48   Mil: 16   Count: 250/case   Gallon: 40-45


Item# LINHD4812  

Size: 40×48   Mil:12   Count:250/case    Gallon: 40-45


Item# LINHD4822BLK

Size: 40×48   Mil:22   Count:150/case      Gallon:40-45   Color: Black


Hi Density Trash Liners are used for paper and non-rough objects under moderate transport conditions.
Suggested Hi-D applications:
– Office Waste Baskets
– Dirt, grass, rags
– Paper, paper plates/cups
– Cans w/out sharp edges
– Food w/out sharp edges
– Smooth heavy objects

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