Lime Out (hard water deposit remover) Quarts/case
August 9, 2021
Black Super Vinyl Glove Medium
August 26, 2021

Diamond Magic Shower door restorer



AFTER!!!! look at that

Made with genuine diamonds, this multi purpose water spot cleaner cleans windows, auto glass, Shower doors, glass stove tops, aluminum, porcelain, stainless steel, bronze, chrome, tile, copper, buildings, boats, cars, and more.  When you need a grenade to clean shower doors that were left untouched for years.  Get out the Diamond Magic.

Shake well before use and always use a wet(dampened) cloth to apply. Do not allow product to dry. Keep moist.  Repeat as necessary.  Not for use in food processing areas.  Do not use on painted surfaces, plexiglass, or mirrored  glass.  Do not use in direct sunlight..