Drano Max Gel Clog Remover
July 17, 2018
Practico Multi-Purpose Cleaner-Lavender
July 17, 2018

All Fiber Deep Clean Gallon

Removes old soaps and  shampoos from previous cleanings and restores colors instantly.  Low Ph 5.2 Detergent and Rinse.  Makes 65 gallons. Wool safe.  Mix 32oz to 5 gallons.



Our premier multi-purpose acidic extraction rinse. Features premium-grade ingredients that emulsify and remove soils and prespray residues that others leave behind, while safe organic acids neutralize alkalinity and leave fibers bright and luxuriously soft to the touch while inhibiting bleeding, dye migration, browning and soil wicking. Use it to stabilize dyes on most fabrics, area rugs and other textiles. Also effective as a urine neutralizer: apply as a post-mist or use as part of a deep saturation and sub-extraction decontamination process.

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